Our Story

the blue charm boutique story
        We are a family-owned business that was created out of a love for fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. Our mission is to make sure our customers always look their best.

        We opened our first storefront in 2019 and have been growing ever since. Our online presence only began with Facebook posts and live videos but quickly grew in popularity due to our unique clothing options and affordable prices.
        Whether you are looking for something special for that upcoming event or just need a new outfit for work, we have you covered here at The Blue Charm Boutique.

the blue charm boutique family photo

          I have always loved fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. I became obsessed with boutiques when chevron everything was the “fad,”  along with big bubble necklaces. 

         When I became a teacher, I put my dream of owning a boutique in the back of my head. During my 4th year of teaching, I decided to launch my boutique online by selling only on Facebook. I would post items or do live videos by invoicing every customer individually.

         We started out of our laundry room and quickly grew out of the tiny space. In 2019, we opened up a storefront. We did not have an online presence other than social media and lives. We quickly grew in-store, and I decided to give up my teaching position to put more time into the boutique.

         I created our website in 2020 when covid first hit and signed up for comment sold shortly after. We made it through the pandemic thanks to our website, lives, and continued support from our amazing customers.

         In 2021 I had a local boutique reach out to me stating she wanted to sell her business. I bought her business, kept my business name, and moved our store to her location. I have continued to carry her slightly higher-end brands, including the well-known brand, Kendra Scott. 

         In 2022 we launched our free shopping app on the App Store and Google Play. Since then, we have had incredible growth online and in-store. We foresee 2023 being a year of exponential growth for our small business that started out of my laundry room. 

the blue charm boutique mission
the blue charm boutique mission